American house with white windows and white garage door

Average cost of replacement windows in Arizona

American house with white windows and white garage door
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The dry summers and cooler nights in Arizona demand for strong and sturdy double-glazed windows. The desert-style temperatures make it even more important to keep the weather truly outdoors.

As well as getting screens to keep Mother Nature out on the hotter days, it’s also imperative that you get double-glazed windows to effectively moderate the temperature in your home.

Whilst being an effective way of controlling excessive heat, they also act as a security measure and minimize noise outside.

The full installation

It can be hard to give a ball-park figure when it comes to window installations, as this will depend on:

  • The size and dimensions of the windows
  • The number of windows required
  • The size of your home (and therefore the time it will take to carry out the work).

Roughly speaking, there’s is a general price of roughly $5,400, but this takes into account homeowners who have spent just under $3,000 and even some who have spent closer to $9,000. Labor generally costs around $150 for each window installed, but some installers will charge at around $800.

Individual prices

To better understand where these costs come from, it helps to know what the individual prices of each window are. For uPVC frames, each window can start at around $85. For a more bespoke or customized look, you could even expect to pay upwards of $2,000.

The higher prices will cover windows with rare woods used for the frames, or maybe even more open or expansive styles such as bay windows.

The material you opt for, too, will have a profound effect on the price. The above prices have referred to a rough estimate based on plastic or uPVC windows. Opting for wood, for example, will cost you around $50 more per window, with top prices reaching around $1,500 each.

This is an important consideration to make when you take into account how high maintenance wood can be just to prevent it from warping or cracking. Fiberglass, too, is an expensive but robust choice at around $500, and up to three times that price. Composite and aluminum windows are also affordable but also a little more expensive at around $300 and $75 respectively.

Why should I consider replacing my windows?

american house with new windows

With all this to consider, you may be wondering why it would be worth making the investment. When it comes to making the most of your air conditioning and heating, double-glazed windows are about as effective as it gets at trapping the heat and maintaining a steady temperature.

Having a home that is sealed off from the great outdoors also helps to prevent condensation and other problematic issues.

Installing new windows into your property can be a pricey venture; however, it is important to look at your long-term goals.

You are opting for windows that will maximize the money you spend on air conditioning and heating units, and you are ultimately investing in your home’s value, as well as your own comfort.

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