UPVC Back Door Prices

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Average UPVC back door prices

UPVC back door prices range depending on style colour and mainly the material used to produce them.

The most common materials are composite, uPVC and timber, and the price starts at around £500 for the cheaper, most popular uPVC.

The next in the range would be composite. These are made from a mixture of uPVC, glass, foam, and timber. Finally, we come to the most expensive, which is timber.

Even with timber being somewhat more expensive than other materials, it remains one of the most popular choices, even with prices varying from £800 to £1800.

New uPVC back door fitted to a high standard

UPVC back door vs The Rest

UPVC back doors have many advantages over the other back door options available apart from the prices.

These include extremely low maintenance. They are easy to install and require no more than a wipe down from time to time.

A standard uPVC back door supplied with a roller lock should cost no more than £700. This could be half glazed or fully glazed.

standard supplied uPVC back door lock

The standard roller lock system isn’t as secure as a high-security system such as a mortise lock, but it is a popular choice with homeowners nonetheless.

Pros and cons of composite doors

newly installed back composite door


  • Easy low maintenance
  • Style and durability
  • Cheap to Medium price range
  • The most secure back doors


  • Composite doors are more expensive than UPVC
  • Composite doors can start to creak over time
  • Generally, composite doors are heavier and harder to install

Pros and cons of installing timber doors

oak timber high quality back door


  • Stunning visual finishes
  • Repairs can be easily carried out
  • Solid timber is stronger than uPVC


  • Requires regular painting and maintenance
  • Higher purchase and installation costs
  • Not as durable as uPVC or composite back doors

Pros and cons of uPVC back doors


  • UPVC is the cheapest to buy and install
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Durable, stylish and long-lasting
  • High-quality finish


There are not many down sides to uPVC when compared to other styles of back doors.

energy efficiency chart

UPVC Back Doors are the best all round cheap back doors.

UPVC back doors remain the best choice for customers by far. Offering countless styles and colours to suit the requirements of every household.

They are by far the cheapest, starting at as little as £400 and can last for many years. They are easy to maintain, never need to be painted and are easy to install for long-lasting draught exclusion for your home.


If you are thinking about replacing your back door, then uPVC is well worth considering compared to the other available materials.

It excels not only in its long-lasting durability and quality. But it is the cheapest and, in our expert opinion, the best option to consider when replacing your household’s door.

opinion the best option to consider when thinking of replacing your households back door.

happy family after newly installed upvc windows

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