Benefits Of Getting Your Windows Replaced

Getting your windows replaced is often something that homeowners put off, for varying reasons. Whether it’s the investment or the fear of losing the home’s period features, many considerations can cause homeowners to delay. However, if you suspect that your home is in need of a window refurb, then don’t delay in making an inquiry. There are many benefits in replacing your old windows, some of which shouldn’t be left until the last minute – or until it’s too late.


Window Security test

If your windows have repairs that need to be made, whether that’s the timber or the glass, it benefits your own security to get this replaced as soon as possible. Broken or boarded-up windows are a red flag to criminals. The visible appearance of damaged property implies that your home is an easy and vulnerable target.

It’s not just smashed windows that can make a property immediately vulnerable to theft and criminal intrusion, either. Windows that are warped from years of use and damp can also cause security problems. Uneven and warped frames make it more difficult to shut the window correctly. If you can’t close and lock your window effectively then you will inevitably make yourself a potential victim of crime.

Keep the original style

Many people put off the prospect of replacing their windows for fear of losing the integrity of their home’s period features. After all, the original features of a home are often its selling point. However, just because your home was originally fitted with timber frames doesn’t mean these can’t be replaced. There’s no need to fear the prospect of a plastic replacement as wooden alternatives can always be sourced. Keeping the original style of your replacements means you get the aesthetic benefit of gorgeous period windows, with all the added benefits of modern replacements. That log fire will feel twice as warm in a room that doesn’t have a draft coursing through it.

Keep your energy bills down

Reduce your energy Bills

Whether it’s old wooden frames that have become loose over time or single-pane windows that let out the cold, replacing old windows with modern replacements saves you money. In fact, warped frames can affect your windows’ performance considerably. Older windows are notoriously bad for letting out of the house, and so it’s always a good investment to get them replaced with modern equivalents. Around a third of the heating you pump into your home is lost through windows and doors. Therefore, it is essential that the windows you have in your home are trapping that heat to the best of their ability. Sticking with older versions could see your hard-earned money vanishing, well, out of the window.

Prevent drafts

There’s nothing more uncomfortable or distracting than feeling a cold draft tear through the house. These can interrupt a pleasant evening or even our ability to get some decent sleep at night. Replacing your older, less eco-friendly windows will help prevent icy chills from escaping into the house. Once you shut the window you can guarantee that the outside elements won’t be making another appearance.

Keep the weather outside

We’ve all experienced the moment when we’ve been too late to shut a window in the midst of a storm. Cleaning up the water and anything else that blew in can be a frustrating task. However, if your windows are warped or damaged, you may find this to be a common occurrence. Installing new, air-tight windows means that you will keep the natural elements outside; where they belong. The benefits of this are two-fold:

  • You will limit the need to tidy up the mess that wind and rain can cause if a window has been blown open or broken, as a modern window will prevent this from happening.
  • You will also break the cycle in terms of what creates a warped and damaged window in the first place. By keeping the elements on the outside, you will prevent the moisture from eating away at window frame on the inside.

If you suspect that your windows are struggling to let out condensation and keep moisture from re-entering your home, there is an easy way to tell. As well as any trickles of water appearing on your windowsill you might soon spot fogginess in between the panes of glass in your windows. Having windows that are steamed up on a regular basis from the inside is a sign that the frame is no-longer air-tight. This means that moisture is starting to leak inside the double-glazing, causing visibility issues.

Rot and air quality

When it comes to looking after the condition of your home, keeping the damp outside has much bigger implications. If you ignore windows that are letting the damp in on a regular basis your problems won’t end at your windowsills and frames becoming warped over time. Rot can settle into the frames as a result of the moisture eating away at the timber. This can then spread to other areas of the house, which is bad news for air quality. In many cases, mold and rot are so easily preventable. All you need to do is keep your home well ventilated and keep the moisture out. You cannot do this if your window frames are faulty and leaky.

Rot and mold are incredibly bad for your health. Exposure to damp and mold is notoriously bad for air quality and breathing function. The spores that can be found on black mold are particularly lethal, as these are toxic. The symptoms of being exposed to these conditions can range from asthma symptoms to respiratory illnesses.

Easy maintenance

Window Maintenance

Truth be told, the older window frames get (particularly wooden ones) the harder they are to maintain. If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, it will take a lot of effort to sand down and repaint every single wooden frame to prevent it from looking shabby. Replacing your old wooden frames with modern timber equivalents will make life and upkeep far easier. No need to sand down bubbling and blistered paintwork; just freshly painted, clean replacements. Moreover, if you opt for plastic replacements, you won’t have to paint them ever again. Whichever option you reach for, you will find your chore list diminish.

Curb appeal

If you are planning on selling home, then you will want to ensure that your home has an optimum curb appeal. This can be hard if you have tattered or broken windows adorning the facade of your home. Instead, it is a wise idea to get your windows replaced with clean, modern replacements. Getting new versions fitted will not only boost the value of your home, but it is one less task for the new future homeowners. Besides, it’s far easier to make a flowerbed or hanging basket look presentable with bright and clean new window frames.

Keep it quiet

While the odd complaint might keep the neighbor’s kids off our lawn, we can’t always prevent noise from creeping into the house. This is particularly the case if we are unfortunate enough to live next to a busy road or a built-up area. In these cases, preventing noise pollution in the home can be an ongoing struggle. If you have single-pane or old windows, your home may be more exposed to higher volumes of noise. Replacing your windows with double-glazed panes will help to prevent this noise from leaking in. New windows could help to transform your home into the peaceful sanctuary you need it to be. That way you can watch TV, read a book and sleep without having to mentally block out the sounds of the great outdoors.

Stop the hunt for replacement parts

If you have old timber frames that require niche, specialist parts, you may be growing weary of the hunt for the right parts. Sometimes, our old windows might be painted shut, which means we will need to sand them down and start again with new hinges and locks; some of which aren’t all that easy to locate. If you feel as if your luck is increasingly running out when it comes to finding the constituent parts to your windows, then it might be time to replace them. Modern-day replicas can be easily sourced – and you won’t have to spend hours Googling for an independent supplier with the right parts. You’ll have new windows that won’t have be wrestled with in order to get a gentle breeze rolling in.

There’s no need to be fearful of the prospect of replacing your old windows. Getting leaky, warped and loose frames can have untold benefits to your home. Not only will you improve the feel of your home on the inside, but also its outward appearance. New windows can create just as big of a makeover as a new coat of paint. As well as the benefits to your energy bills and curb appeal, new windows also bring benefits to your health and security. Keeping mold and intruders out are just the cherries on the cake when it comes to the vast improvements they can bring.

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