Double pane window glass replacement: what you need to know

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As we move into the winter months, keeping our homes warm starts to creep back up the list in terms of priority. Whether it’s cozy blankets, heavy curtains, or putting the central heating back on a timer, there’s nothing quite like waking up to a room that’s been heated for you.

Replacing double pane windows is one of the best ways to keep your home warm this winter, and so many people are wondering what the cost is and what the benefits really are.

They make the most of your heating

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Whether it’s central heating or a stand-alone heater, trapping heat in each room of your home ensures that you get enough bang for your buck. Single-pane, or even old double pane windows, are less effective at keeping the heat inside. This means that the money you pay to heat your home will literally be escaping through the window. If you want to see your gas bill improve over the coming years, replacing the glass in your windows is one of the best approaches to take. For homes in colder climates, this issue is particularly pertinent.

The difference to your energy usage during the frostier months could be as much as 24%; almost a quarter of the price taken off.

They improve your kerb appeal

One of the most appealing reasons for getting your window replaced is the improvement of your home’s kerb appeal. If you’re looking to sell your home soon or sometime in the future, or would just like to update its appearance, then getting glossy and pristine new windows will help to welcome it into the hands of potential buyers.

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It’s not just the condition of the glass that can physically indicate how old your double pane windows are. If you’ve noticed a layer of condensation trapped between each pane then that’s a pretty good indication that the seal around the window is loose. While there are plenty of approaches you can take to preserve the life of the seals around your windows, if they are constantly fogging and leaking moisture, then your best bet is to get them replaced at your earliest convenience. They can, after all, harbor less pleasant side-effects, such as mold.

Will the cost be worth it?

The cost of replacing your old windows with modern, double pane replacements will be worth the cost for the aforementioned money-saving reasons. The cost will be reflected in the reduction of your energy bills, and potentially in the increase in value to your home. In terms of the up-front cost, it’s always wise to get a quote. Calling us for a quote will help you to get a sense of your budget, and to get a better understanding of how double pane windows will benefit your finances over time.

If you feel as if your home is constantly feeling the chill, or that your windows are letting in too much moisture, then you may wish to get your windows replaced with double pane alternatives. The cost of replacing them should ideally be off-set by improvements to your energy usage and kerb appeal when it comes to ultimately selling.

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